universalFixtures7Designed by Mr. Orazio Spanesi himself and developed in the Spanesi body shop, the universal jig has been studied in detail in order to repair every type of collision damage.

Ease of use: Spanesi has been able to combine all of the advantages from the different systems to produce a very easy to use fixture kit for the technician. In this way the technician can repair any type of vehicle using fixtures to hold and maintain precise factory specifications for key components throughout the repair process.

Spanesi universal jigs solve several common problems normally associated with dedicated fixtures. By avoiding heavy weights, mounting and demounting heavy cross members, and by making the jigs much easier to position, time and effort is saved. Another benefit of a single universal kit is no more expensive fixture rentals or down time due to poor availability for new models.

Spanesi universal jig enables the repair of all vehicles on the market including those that will be produced in the future. Unibody, commercial/industrial and 4WD vehicles of all makes and models can be fixtured and repaired using the same kit. There are 5 strong sliding cross members (mounted on the bench together with the bases and the ramps) which allow very quick positioning and anchoring.

More and more OEM’s are producing and will continue to produce vehicles without pinchwelds. With the universal fixtures technicians are able to mount and securely hold any vehicle using 4, 5, or 6 strong points on the frame or unibody without additional clamping. A total of 10 points, 12 with an optional sixth cross member, can be held at one time. The universal fixturing system is also very useful for those vehicles with plastic covers, side skirts and spoilers where the technician would normally spend additional time to remove and replace these items.

The rack and pinion gear system applied to the universal jig allows for upward pushing and downward pulling on the same jig, and lateral movement is enabled for the cross members for faster set up and positioning.

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