Perimeter paneling 52 mm thick in pre-varnished sandwiched Fe/Zn metal sheeting (inside and outside prevarnished in white RAL 9003) with fiberglass resinate in between on both external sides.

  • Thermo -ventilating Group in RAL 9003 pre-varnished Fe/Zn sheeting.
  • Lighting with corner ceiling lights (4 neon of 58W ea.) between the filtering ceiling and side walls, with tempered glass, bulbs with power factor corrector (degree of protection IP 55).
  • Plenum in pre-varnished Fe/Zn and e Fe/Zn sheeting, with high efficiency filtering ceiling.
  • 4-door access doorway (working passageway 3,60 x h. 2,52 m, 2,66 m, 2,96 m) white, with tempered glass; one door has an anti-panic push bar.
  • 3-way fire-break shutter REI 120 approved for duct delivering air to the cabin.
  • Union channel with anti-vibration joint between the thermo-ventilating group and the cabin.
  • 1 overpressure valve and 1 vacuum valve with automatic opening.
  • Air interception solenoid valve pistol to block spraying.• Automatic pressure control in cabin through shutter with motorized calibration.

The spray booths Spanesi (for body shops or for industry) have double panels with insulation, which allows the maximum efficiency of the structure. The baking booth can have thermoventilation units with different power and air flow capacities and motors with inverter technology to guarantee the necessary air capacity and the automatic pressure control. The heating can be done with diesel or gas (natural or LPG) burner with heat exchanger of direct flame burner. The preparation areas can be customized with extractor, basement with grids or suction walls, with plenum and/or with heating and coupling with infrared lamps. The mixing box as areas for the mixing and paint storage can be built in different sizes, also customizable.

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