With a $2,685 average repair order, there is an increased need for smaller benches that take up less shop floor space while providing multi-repair functionality, easy loading and multi directional pulling capabilities. The Multi Bench accommodates both pinchweld anchoring and the ability to adapt fixture anchoring as OEM’s eliminate pinchwelds. Another consideration is technician working height. As our workforce continues to age, the need to position vehicles at a more comfortable and less strenuous working height contributes directly to higher productivity.

Multibench is an electrohydraulic lift suitable for lifting any type of motor vehicle, with a maximum curb weight capacity of 6600 lbs. The vehicle is raised directly on its wheels. You can straighten vehicles through 360 degrees by the pulling column and the supplied pinchweld clamps to be installed without lifting the vehicle from the ramps. In addition, the Touch measuring system can be mounted to the bench (optional) transforming the Multibench into a convenient work station for diagnosis and corrective pulls. The system has a wide range of optional equipment.

– Electro hydraulic scissors lift height 1600mm capacity 3000 Kg
– 400V 50Hz 3ph * control box
– No. 12 low long platform,
– Pulling column with 450 bar pump, 10t piston, chain and hook
– Kit of low stirrups with clamps and stirrups for SUV (no buffer) with rack and uprights
– Kit of high stirrups with buffers and chains for counter-pulling (no clamps) with rack (allow to use the Touch system) – Complete set of universal Jigs fixture with trolley
– Kit of special screws complete with shelves
– Couple of 1400 mm crossbars
– 1190mm e 1875mm support for sliding crossbars clamps
– Stirrups kit
– No. 4 complete sliding case mod. 1313 for crossbars
– Complete spanner kit for jigs

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